Rede Jandyras: empowering marginalized women in the fight against climate change

In the heart of the Amazon, where the pulse of nature beats strongest, a group known as Rede Jandyras is working to combat climate change. Their mission is not just about preserving the environment; it’s about safeguarding livelihoods, amplifying voices, and fostering climate justice. Through a network built on solidarity and shared purpose, Rede Jandyras is reshaping the narrative of environmental activism.

For the members of Rede Jandyras, climate change isn’t a distant threat but an everyday reality that permeates their existence. The shifting temperatures, erratic weather patterns and dwindling resources directly affect their lives and communities. As young individuals born into this changing landscape, they’ve taken it upon themselves to confront the challenges head on. 

Rede Jandyras emphasizes the importance of reaching remote communities to spread environmental awareness.

Empowering through advocacy

Central to Rede Jandyras’ ethos is a belief in amplifying the voices of marginalized communities, particularly women. They recognize that climate change exacerbates existing inequalities, disproportionately affecting vulnerable groups. By advocating for climate justice and inclusion, they aim to ensure that these communities are not only heard but also actively involved in decision-making processes.

Driving forces and motivations

The genesis of Rede Jandyras stems from a deep-rooted sense of anxiety and urgency. Long before the group’s formation, its members grappled with the looming specter of environmental degradation. Their desire to address multifaceted issues, coupled with a commitment to elevate the role of black women in climate action, drove them to action. 

A network for change

Rede Jandyras operates on two fundamental pillars: mobilization and articulation. Through community organizing, environmental education, and climate advocacy, they aim to empower marginalized women with the skills and knowledge to effect change. They serve as connectors, bridging the gap between grassroots communities and the political sphere, ensuring that the voices and demands of those most affected are heard and heeded.

In the tapestry of environmental activism, Rede Jandyras stands out as a beacon of hope and resilience. Their network-driven approach, centered on empowerment, advocacy, and collaboration, exemplifies the transformative power of grassroots movements. As they continue to navigate challenges and forge pathways for change, Rede Jandyras serves as an inspiration to activists worldwide, proving that the fight against climate change is not just about saving the planet, but about uplifting communities and securing a more just and sustainable future.

Rede Jandyras’ approach for working with communities. 
1. Preference for working with women, young people, and peripheral communities. 
2. Focus on traditional communities (riverside, indigenous, quilombolas).
3 .Visiting communities, establishing relationships, and listening to their needs. 
4. Designing projects based on community input. 
5. Listening to communities is a fundamental aspect of project design and implementation.

Learning and advice.

1 Networking and collaboration:
– Building networks with like-minded individuals.
– Volunteering as a starting point.
– Emphasizing collaboration and collective work
– Recognizing the significance of partnerships.

2. Interpersonal skills and professional development:
– Understanding and respecting diverse perspectives.
– Actively advancing communication skills within the team.
– Investing in personal and professional skills.
– Embracing mistakes as part of the learning process.

3. Mental health awareness:
– Acknowledging mental health issues among activists.
– Accepting and dealing with conflicts positively.
– Valuing personal well-being alongside activism.
– Seeking professionalisation and financial compensation for the work.